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Local-multiplayer snake-like conga line.

Up to two players run around at a kiwi rave forming a conga line while a stoat attempts to end the party.


Each player controls a large kiwi wearing a snazzy vest. Whenever the end of your conga line bumps a wandering kiwi they join in on the fun but watch out for the stoat, he will break your chain and ruin to good times.

Each member of the development team designed a character in the game.

Neil (Stoat) - Lead Programmer

Mel (Vest Kiwi) - Composer 

Jared (Basic Kiwi) - Programmer

Amanda (Baby Kiwi) - UX & Artist 

Andrew (Dabbing Kiwi) - Tech Artist 

Hamish (Cave Kiwi) - Sound Effect Wizard

Stephen ("Bogan" Kiwi) - Support


Press Space to Start game

Player Colour                      Movement Keys                     
RedW, A, S, D
BlueArrow Keys

Install instructions

If receiving fps issues try alt+tab and then alt+tab again. its a current known bug with fullscreen gamemaker studio exports. 


Jammin Kiwis.zip 12 MB

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