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A brutal concrete maze,  instant transitions from light to dark, and a shrouded entity in pursuit... Will you make it to door 9?

Door 9 is a short horror experience made for the Aotearoa 48h Game Jam 2022.
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Door9 was awarded: People's Choice for Game Jam Aotearoa 2022


Waking up in a concrete maze with harsh environment inspired by architectural brutalism, you traverse the hallways looking for the infamous Door 9...

Hopefully thats the only thing you find...


Theme: Transition

Door9 fits Game Jam Aotearoa 2022's Theme by building the Horror environment around the transition of two states:

An Eerie, empty day time scene, and its night time hellscape variant.


  • Jared Bakker (Sugoi Yellow) - Design, Programming, Technical Art
  • Headcoach (Headcoach) - Design, Programming
  • Stealthhyy (Stealthhyy) - Design, Programming
  • Uncoolly (Uncoolly) - 3D Modelling, Animation, 2D Art
  • Max Skerrett (MaxSkerrett) -  3D Modelling, Texturing
  • Hamish Oliver (HamishOliver) - Sound Design
  • Jeronimo Barraco-Marmol (Nande!) - Project Set-Up, Never actively tried to sabotage the project.

This was Headcoach, Stealthhyy, Uncoolly, and Max's first game jam!


Door9.zip 489 MB

Install instructions

Jam Edition

Download, extract and then run Nameless.exe

If you are experiencing any FPS issues try pressing F11 to swap to windowed mode, then resize the window to be smaller.

If there are any other issues with the launch of the game please re-download and extract the file.


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That was fantastic!  Thanks for making us all an awesome game to experience!

turning door 6 upside down doesn't work... gameplay starts at 01:46 

Cool 3/5

(1 edit)

 It took me a long time to find door number 9. I have played it on my channel

I will be playing this live on Twitch around 6:30-7 EST 5/23.



Truly an acheivment :)) Well done guys


Loved the look of the creature!


love the game thank you :):):)